1976-80 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - The Muppet Show - (T.V. Series, over 50 shows)

Producer.- Jim Henson,  Directors.- Peter Harris,  Phillip Casson

1981 ART DIRECTOR - Dark Crystal - (Feature Film)

Producer.- Gary Kurtz,  Director.- Jim Henson.  Designer. Harry Lange

Environment sketches for Dark Crystal

Aughra'sMountain.jpg (439165 bytes)     Jen'sSwamp1.jpg (333232 bytes) 

Copyright Malcolm Stone

1982 ART DIRECTOR - Superman 111 - (Feature Film)

Producer.- Alexander Salkind,  Director.- Richard Lester,  Designer. Peter Murton.

1983 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Spitting Image Pilot - (T.V.Series)

Producer. - Jon Blair,  Director. -  Phillip Casson.

1983 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Fraggle Rock - (T.V.Series)

Producer. - Jim Henson,  Director. - Nick Abson

1983 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Where is Parsifal? - (Feature Film)

Producer. - Terence Young,  Director. - Henri Helman

1984 ART DIRECTOR - Santa Claus the Movie - (Feature Film)

Producer. Alexander Salkind,  Director. - Jeannot Szwarc,  Designer. Anthony Pratt

1985 ART DIRECTOR - Gunbus - (Feature Film) .

Producer. Rick Herland,  Director. Zoran Perusik,  Designer. Tony Wollard.

1986 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Spitting Image NBC Special  "Down & Out in the White House " - (T.V.Special)

Producer/Director.- John Lloyd

1986 SET DECORATOR - War & Remembrance - (T.V. Film)

Producer. Barbara Steele,  Director. Dan Curtis,  Designer. Guy Comptois

1986 ART DIRECTOR - Empire of the Sun - (Feature Film)

Producer/Director. Stephen Spielberg,  Designer. Norman Reynolds.

1987 ART DIRECTOR - Willow  - (Feature Film)

Producer. George Lucas,  Director. Ron Howard.  Designer. Allan Cameron.

1987 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Dream Demons - (Feature Film)

Producer. Paul Webster,  Director. Harley Cokless,  Designer. Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski

1987 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Helping Henry  - (T.V.Series)

Producer. Madelaine French,  Director. Phillip Casson

1988 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Slipstream - (Feature Film)

Producer. Steve Lanning,  Director. Steven Lisberger,  Designer. Andrew MacAlpine

1988 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Mother Goose Tales - (T.V.Series)

Producer. Roberta Kurtz,  Director. Brian Henson

1988 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Man for all Seasons - (T.V.Film)

Producer. Fraser Heston,  Director. Charlton Heston,  Designer. Tony Woolard

1988 ART DIRECTOR - The Jim Henson Hour - (T.V.Films)

Producer. Duncan Kenworthy.  Directors. Paul Weiland/Giles Foster

1989 SET DECORATOR - Navy Seals - (Feature Film)

Producer. Bernard Williams,  Director. Lewis Teague,  Designer. Guy Comptois

1990 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Greystoke Two - (Unfinished Feature Film)

Producer - Steve Lanning, Designer. Tony Woolard.

Greystoke.jpg (355351 bytes)

1990 ART DIRECTOR - To Be the Best - (T.V.Miniseries)

Producer. Aida Young,  Director. Tony Wharmby,  Designer. Brian Ackland-Snow

1990 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Crucifer of Blood - (T.V. Film)

Producer. Peter Snell,  Director. Fraser Heston,  Designer. Tony Woolard.

1991 SET DECORATOR - Nostromo - (Unfinished Feature Film)

Producer. Serge Silbermann,   Director. David Lean,   Designer. John Box.

1991 SET DECORATOR - Soldier Soldier 11 - (T.V.Series)

Producer. Chris Kelly,  Director. Nick Hamm,  Designer. Terry Ackland-Snow.

1992 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Lady Chatterley - (T.V. Series)

Producer. Ronaldo Vasconsuellos,  Director. Ken Russell,  Designer. James Merryfield

1992 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Ultravox 93 - (Music Video)

Producer/Director.  Jeremy Wootliff

1993 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Closing Numbers - (T.V. Film)

Producer. Jenny Howarth,  Director. Stephen Whittaker.  Designer. Terry Ackland-Snow

1993 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Cliff Richard Video - (Music Video)

Producer. Mark Dowlern,  Director. Roger Flessing

1993 SET DECORATOR - Soldier Soldier 111 - (T.V.Series)

Producer. Chris Nheame,  Director. Laurence Moody,  Designer. T. Ackland-Snow

1993 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Phoenix & the Magic Carpet - (T.V.Film)

Producer. Peter Waller,  Director. Zoran Perusik

1994 SET DECORATOR - First Knight - (Feature Film)

Producer. Paul Hitchcock,  Director. Jerry Zucker,  Designer. John Box.

1995 SET DECORATOR - Space Truckers - (Feature Film)

Producer. Peter Newman,  Director. Stuart Gordon,  Designer. Simon Murton

1995 ART DIRECTOR - The Ghost & the Darkness - (Feature Film)

Producer. Michael Douglas,  Director. Stephen Hopkins.

1996 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Soldier Soldier VI - (T.V. Series)

Producer. Annie Tricklebank,  Director. Douglas MacKinnon.

1997 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - Soldier Soldier VII - (T.V.Series)

Producer. Annie Tricklebank,  Director. Chris King,  Designer Phil Roberson

1997 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR- Cadfael III -  (T.V.Series)

Producer, Steven Smallwood,  Director, Ken Grieve

1998 SET DECORATOR - Kavanagh QC - (T.V.Series)

Producer, Chris Kelly, Dirs. Tristram Powell, David Thacker, Des. T. Ackland-Snow

1999 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Rebel Zone (Film)

Producer, Simon Mills, Director, Graham Moore

1999 SET DECORATOR - Monsignor Renard (T.V.Series)

Prod. Chris Kelly, Dirs. Malcolm Mowbray, David Wheatley, Des.T. Ackland-Snow

2000 SET DECORATOR - Band of Brothers (T.V.Series)

Producer, Stephen Spielberg, Producer/Director, Tom Hanks, Des. Anthony Pratt

2000-2001 PRODUCTION DESIGNER - SCRIPT WRITER - Mrs. Caldicot's Cabbage War (Feature Film)

Producers, Graham Sumner, Andy Birmingham, Director, Ian Sharp

2001 -2002 SET DECORATOR - Fire from Heaven (T.V. Miniseries unfinished)

Producer, Tony To, Designer, Tony Pratt

2002    SET  DECORATOR - Underworld (Feature Film)

Producer, Richard Wright, Director, Len Wiseman, Designer, Bruton Jones

2003 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - The Deal (T.V. Film) (BAFTA award best stand alone drama)

Director, Stephen Frears, Designer, Michael Pickwoad

2003 ART DIRECTOR - Poirot (T.V. Series)

2004 SET DECORATOR - The Cave (Feature Film)

Producer, Richard Wright, Director, Bruce Hunt, Designer Pier Luigi Basile

2005-2006 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - (Ragdoll Ltd)

In The Night Garden (Children's TV Series)

Producers. Anne Wood - Andy Davenport - Director. Dirk Campbell


The Company  ( TV Miniseries ) - Director - Mikael Salomon

Producers. David Rosemont, Robert Bernacchi. Production Designer. Marek Dobrowolski

2007 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - (New Regency) Mirrors (Feature Film)

Producers. Alexandra Milchan - Marc Fisher  Director  Alexander Aja Production Designer Joseph Nemec 111

2008 SET DECORATOR - Bunraku  (Feature Film)

Producer. Nava Levin - Director Guy Moshe -  Production Designer  Chris Farmer

2009 PRODUCTION DESIGNER  -  BSC High Definition Camera Tests

Produced by the British Society of Cinematographers

2009 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR  -  Ironclad  (Feature Film)

Producer / Director  Jonathon English  Production Designer Joseph Nemec 111

2010  SET DECORATOR - Lockout (Feature Film)

Producer, Luc Besson - Directors, James Mather, Steven St Leger. Designer, Romek Delmata>

2011 ART DIRECTOR (SET DECORATION))47 Ronin (Feature Film)

Producer, Pam Abdy, Director, Carl Rinsch, Production Designer, Jan Roelfs

2011 SUPERVISING ART DIRECTOR - World Without End  (TV Miniseries)

Producer, Rola Bauer, Director, Michael Caton-Jones, Production Designer, Marek Dobrowolski

2012 SET DECORATOR - Various Commercials

Directors, Sniper Twins, Designer, Kevin Phipps

2013 SET DECORATOR - Fury  - (Feature Film)

Producer Jeremy Johns, Director, David Ayer, Designer, Andrew Menzies

2014 SET DECORATOR - King Tut - (TV Miniseries)

Producer Michael Prupas, Director, David Von Ancken

2015 SET DECORATOR - Various Commercials - Liptons Tea

Designer, Kevin Phipps

2016 SET DECORATOR - Sparks - (ABC TV Pilot)

Producer, Patrick Newell, Director, James Kent, Designer, Michael Hannan

2017 SET DECORATOR - Justice League Additional Photography (Feature Film)

Producer, Jon Berg, Director, Joss Whedon, Designer, Patrick Tatopolous



PAXO 1 & 2 - ROOSTER BOOSTER - Collett Dickenson Pearce

JELLYTOTS 1& 2 - Saatchi & Saatchi

CHERRY COKE - Spitting Image

SWATCH - ALWAYS IN TIME - Peter Claridge Pictures

ORINGINA ORINGINA - Pretty Clever Pictures

SONY MUSIC - ALA LILA - Pretty Clever Pictures

SURE POWER STICK - Shaw Price Lintas - Brilliant Pictures

SKY DRAMAS - Smuggler 






1985: Construction of full sized replica of London Docklands Light Railway Train,

for exhibition and contractual purposes for G.E.C. Transportation Projects Ltd.




1979 - EMMY Nomination for outstanding Art Direction MUPPET SHOW with Beverly Sills

1980 - EMMY Nomination for outstanding Art Direction MUPPET SHOW with Brooke Shields

1983 - British TV Advertising Awards Diploma PAXO ROOSTER BOOSTER

1989 - EMMY Nomination for outstanding Art Direction for a miniseries, WAR & REMEMBRANCE

1991 - ACE Nomination for Best Art Direction for a Children's Programme, MOTHER GOOSE TALES

2002 - EMMY Nomination for outstanding Art Direction for a mimiseries, BAND OF BROTHERS

Professional memberships

Member of British Film Designers Guild ; Past Chairman, Past Treasurer.