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Since the beginning of the 'seventies, I have been involved in the design of television and feature films. My experience includes  budgeting and scheduling, working in both studio and location situations, with Effects departments, physical, optical and animatronics.

Besides Great Britain, I have worked on European Locations in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Holland  Switzerland, Greece, Romania and Serbia

In Asia, in Turkey, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius and Thailand.

In Africa, in Eastern Transvaal (South Africa), Egypt and Morocco

In the Americas I have been a technical advisor in the USA and Canada and I have worked in the Bahamas and the West Indies


In 1980 I started my own company, in order to be able to take on all aspects of design work. It is known as;




This Web site will continue to be updated. You can contact me through the BRITISH FILM DESIGNERS GUILD. My cell phone is +44 7836 772230


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